Live Hosting for Facebook Live Kurasi Malaysia

Writing this from my home on the Day 30 of #MCO

Salam and Hows you're doing Malaysian? hehe Truthfully, im having a great "me time" staying at home, resting to the max (read sleeping haha) and doing anything that I like such as nonstop scrolling the Instagram feeds and nonstop singing lung out in the Smule apps! LOL yup that basically what i've been doing throughout this MCO period.

Continuing writing this on 5th May 2020 which i have already back in office..

Anyhow, Alhamdulillah i've unlocked a personal achievement just a few months ago, yup just before the Covid 19 hit the world brutally. indeed, being a host for Live show was always my dream! 

Continuing writing this on 30th September 2020 which i have already 4 months working with a new office LOL

OMG my blogging mood has been in hiatus for almost a year now. im so sorry guys, i have always wanted to write something in here but everytime thinking about my "sick" lappy, i just became so lazy. bad me! besides the commitment for instagram has been loaded up. so many post need to be scheduled and so many videos are pending to be posted. the world has changed peeps!

Anyhow, it was already 5 live shows since the 1st time i started. truly, this KURASI show still my number one favourite. apart of the reason that my love for fashion still doesn't fade away and the PR crew is awesome, i guess main reason is because i "worked" with my best buddies!

from left : Sabby Prue Syafiqah Hashim, Ahmad Fauzi and Anuar of Penaberkala

Its beyond the words! thanks to all my lovely buddies here, a blogging clan who turn into a real friends for years. its more than 10 years now guys!! pure, sincere and never judged, our friendship is so special. Alhamdulillah, Allah temu kan saya dengan insan-insan yang berhati mulia. hehe gituh. im so ikhlas ok haha may this friendship last forever amin.. dah lama tak gather ni haha ah jom ngopi! :')

Hopefully the video is still there LOL haha Click here - Kurasi Malaysia to watch the full video.


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