Look #233 - In The Mood Of Vacation

Salam and hey guys!

I was actually aimed to write about another pending foodies post yet I realized this page has lack of personal content. so sorry about it! therefore, here a sharing on my latest #SizzlingSuzaiLookbook during the recent trip in Redang Island.

"Wild and Free, just like the sea"

A little bit about the location. this is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia called Redang Island situated in the state of Terengganu. White sands, crystal clear water, and stunning sunrise are only a few reasons why everybody should put this place on the list! will talk about this trip more on a separate blogpost, insyaallah very soon!

"Silence speaks when words can't"

More on the outfit, Pleated Dress is the name given and the best part is that the material is ironless. hence, it suits perfectly for those female travelers who still wanna look fashionable though backpacking! undeniably, the great outfit makes the great photos. oh did I say, instagrammable?

Perhaps, you may plan a matching outfit with your girlfriends? head to SS by Sizzling Suzai now and get yours. we have two kinda Pleated Dress, one is zipped at the back and another one is buttoned up at the front part (which saying this is nursing friendly!). Both dresses come in a variety of patterns and colours! check this out - SS by Sizzling Suzai 

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