Featured : GUEST for #GAYALive Episode 18 with Sizzling Suzai

with my dear Hasif a.k.a Takde kaitan dengan Sufian Suhaimi haha

Salam and hey lovelies!

This was happened on last few weeks when GAYA TRAVEL Magazine invited me to be the guest for their weekly routine Facebook Live. please know that i am so honored to be part of this though it was actually a second invitation as i need turned down the 1st one on looooong time ago! huhu sorry lah as it was due to my busy working schedule. thanks for reconsidering me lol

here the small team yet super hardworking and friendly people. till then guys!

Basically, the show is a casual chit-chat on everything about travel and it is in BAHASA MELAYU. hehe and also a sharing on my experiences; good and bad plus few tips and ideas related to travel. feel free to watch the full interview on the link below.

Last word, thanks Hasif, the best host ever! hehe thanks to all the members, it was nice knowing you guys and i pray that Gaya Travel will gain more success in future! amin..

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  1. What an honor to have you on our show! Thank you, Suzai!

    Btw rasa rendah dirinya gelaran 'best host ever' tu! Kita masih banyak kena belajar wak. Tapi terima kasih! 😅🙏

    1. hhahhaa alaa sufian suhaimi humble plak! kemon hasif u r the best! gtuh


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