How I Edit My Instagram Stories?

Salam and holla people!

Please know that i always struggle in gaining back my blogging mood and update this page as much as i could! but clearly i fail.. lol well truthfully, i do have the urge to write, a STRONG one! and always super excited to share my story though i dont know the courage isn't there or perhaps, i just too tired. haha age factor i guess? LOL

OK back to the topic, HOW I EDIT MY IG STORY?? OMG ive been answering this repeating question over and over again! haha penat wei, jawab benda yang sama! LOL so, here it is people. im using an apps named as UNFOLD - Create Story. thanks a lot to my babe, Sarah whos the one introduced me quite a long time ago.

Yeah, here its is. a quick and sample demo specially made for the beginners :)

So, first of all, please DOWNLOAD the apps and the best thing is this UNFOLD apps is FREE. you may download it from Google PLAY or APPLE App Store.

Once you opened the apps, click on the "+" button and click "Create". just skip the naming part lol

Then, select your template. this is the moment when you realized that FREE apps is not totally FREE! HAHAHA as ONLY CS1 is available for free user and the rest, well you need to buy for RM3.99 but hey, this cost is for the whole package which means that it contains 15 templates! WOW i should say that the price is quite reasonable though !!

So, each template has its own specialty, some come with text and some only for photo. yeah you can edit and also remove the text! and don't forget to select the photo from your "overloaded space" gallery haha

The finish product ta-da! honestly, i know why you guys are super impressed with this editing because you can also insert a vid file in the template. how awesome is that! nah, take a look at this

OK guys, stop DM me about "Eh camne you edit like that ah?" HAHA go and download the UNFOLD apps now yar. i wish you good luck and enjoy editing!


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