#AltheaTurns1 and You Can Win Prize !

Anyeong Haseyo #AltheaTurns1 !!

I hope its still not too late for me to wish a very Happy Birthday to Althea! when it was actually happening on the last 21st of July as Althea is now 1 years old,  nomu chukeyo! i reckon this is the first time im talking about Althea in this page right? therefore a simple introduction is much nicer.

Althea or better known as Althea Korea is originally from Korea. An online platform for you to get all the K-beauty, the never-ending list of Korean skincare and cosmetics. just name it girls! call me buyer haha as die-hard-fan of Kpop, imma also a fan of Kbeauty! hehe hence, in conjunction of their big day, Althea is giving away few 'gift' for you....drum roll!

All this special promo and contest is happening only from 20th July to 31st July 2016 except that instagram contest which will be last till 15th August, guys still got plenty of time. c'mon go and visit Althea Malaysia : Korean Beauty, Skincare and Cosmetics if you still noob bout it. hehe i'm so sure that you'll be drool over all the products that come with super attractive packaging and the pricing are seriously cheap! Nah, now you don't need to fly to Korea to get that cheap price tags!

Pali! Pali! More info please proceed with

Instagram : 
instagram.com/altheakorea | Facebook : facebook.com/altheakoreaMY : my.Althea.kr 


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