blogger things

lately, as a blogger i'm a little bit worry of my own post
dis is bcoz of those news on the media about the OVER-written post on the blogs (my own word ^_^ ) that became a police cases!

u should be careful bout whatever you are posting on your blog
although we can write
whatever we are feeling, opinions or even the OBJECTIONS
well...especially the one that involve the government or the public's sensitivity!
you can story bout it but..
remember we have some policies here..huhuu..
'ber agak-agak lah kiter sebelum kter di-agak kan' ^_^

i know this is sound BORING..
but we have to take it so-damn-SERIOUS..
i don't wanna go into the jail just becoz of my blog's post!!!!!!!!!!
huuuuuuu....xde keje ker ~_~

* so, lets together we be the GOOD blogger on the world! *

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