Reunion of 3

By Tuesday, June 16, 2009 ,


1st of all sorry 4 not being update.. is
due 2 d wireless prob.. rum 4 dis shortsem
cannot detect d IIUM wifi meh..
i'm so-s0-so lazy to get out of my rum juz 4 online! d latest story bout myself..
last Saturday I met my close friend during the CFS time..

Acun n Fidza,
nice meeting u guys again!

huu...sadly sai didn't join us rite..

so..d' 4D is not complete without her..

we had a really GOOOD time..

juz hope our FRIENDSHIP will last forever..amin..

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  1. Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin~

    U guys are the most precious friends I got during CFS ;)

    and will remain priceless in my heart! <3


  2. hehehee..

    why did d Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiin~
    sounds weird...huhuhu :P
    yup..u guys will remain there..
    sumwhere dat is really SPECIAL in my heart!


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