How To Plan For A Local Staycation?

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Again and again, im sorry for the hiatus! No travel No blogpost ke? HAHA honestly, i got so many things in mind either its about travel or personal but typical excuses, im so busy juggling between personal matters and overloaded works. Anyhow, one of my 2021 revolution is to be back in here, to read and to write more! Please watch this space ya.

Anyhow, TRAVELING shouldn't be cross out from your list. do you remember how rejuvenated you feel after a good vacation? Our daily routines, working and everyday commitment often results in an over-exhausted mind and body. Without a break in between, our body might end up shutting down. So it is essential for us to take a time off in between routines, work and daily commitment. But our usual vacation just isn’t in the cards, thanks to COVID-19.

But fret not. We can still do a staycation. Staycation is a great alternative during this hard time. Safe time and costs less money. Also, the goal is the same as a vacation. To take a break from our day-to-day life and to get away from your daily routine.

What is staycation?


If you googled up staycation, according to dictionary, staycation is a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. So in another words, stay and vacation, and do all the things we want to do and enjoy at home or nearby.

Theres so many options of a staycation. It doesn't matter where you stay, be it in airbnb, homestay or even glamping! because the point is when we travel on vacation, we normally do what we enjoy such doing activity with family and friends (its bonding time!), eating delicious food, learning about cultures and experiencing destinations. So here are ideas to plan on your own staycation.


Plan on the activity

First we need to figure out what we want to do whether it’s hiking adventure, playing at the pool or spa getaway. Write a list of things to do around town or nearby. Then look at things within a couple of driving distance. Think what you and your buddies enjoy the most!

Personally, I'd always go for nature stuff such camping and hiking. i found that it helps to recover my mind from my hectic daily life especially when looking at the green forest, listening to the river sounds as well as the forest sounds itself. it always so calming and soothing! Hi my #Geng MasukHutan #TeamPenasaran wheres next? HAHA

Set your budget

Treat the staycation as your usual traveling vacation but minus the airline tickets, taxis, visas and other travel expenses. Decide how much we can spend on the staycation. We don’t need a huge budget to have a good time. Also, this is to ensure we don’t overspend (unexpected costs add up quickly) and we don’t want to deal with that kind of stress later. Now we saved more peeps, thanks Covid!

Grab any available promotions! 

Staying at home is cheaper during staycation but if you feel the need to stay at any hotel, don’t forget to grab any promotions available online. Its so obvious that hotels and tourism sectors are struggling, some can still be sustain by doing whatever things they could. it is honestly so heart-touching!.

Hence, in order to maintain, there are a lot of websites or travel agencies offer discounted hotel prices or tour tickets and events that are bang for your buck. For instance, Traveloka not only have hotel deals, they also have destination guides and tips such as staycation Singapore The promotion Singapore Rediscovers Voucher are worth to be checked out. We really hope that Covid-19 will quickly gone and the boarder could finally open as truly, my first country that i wanna visit badly now is our neighbor, Singapore!

Be a tourist in your hometown

Anyhow, this is the time to explore our own hometown. We always neglected to see what’s nearby. Wherever we may live, there’s must be some must see attraction. Whether it’s a hidden scenery or delicious local food we haven’t try. We just need to look things all around. So a staycation is a good idea exploring our own town, to discover side streets, shops, and restaurants we might otherwise walk right past.

We don't realize that we actually have so many options. as simple as go for a picnic party with your girlfriends at the hub of Kuala Lumpur. yup, its not necessary to go hike and setup a camp site in the forest, Kuala Lumpur has so many to offer. So, just don't forget to bring delicious and adorable foods, the rattan bag or basket and the most crucial thing is the cute mat! HAHA and enjoy your party gals. FYI this photo was taken at the Taman Tugu, KL.

Oh if you feel so enthusiastic of playing this tourist game, you might also go and buy a few souveniers. One of the things that we used to do when traveling is bring home a meaningful mementos so there’s no reason you can’t do that with the staycation too. Buy something signature of your hometown or just buy something pretty for your house like a set of candle holder or photo frame. HAHA if you wanna go for a keychain also nobody would arrest you right, i suggest you may visit the Central Market! 

That’s all some planning ideas for your next staycation. When you do your staycation be sure to spend as much time resting, do your me-time and self-care, enjoy and forget about work related. Allocated the staycation period to really enjoy the moment. Have a great staycation.

STAY SAFE isn't the best words to be said
but atleast it is the best thing we could do at this moment, right? BE SAFE peeps!

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