STOP the products!


PUMA has recently manufactured

a new footwear range,
depicting the word
'Allah' on the FRONT of them.

This product is a disgrace on Puma's behalf.
We must try our best to get these people
to discontinue the
mass-production of these shoes
because of the sheer disrespect in having
name of Allah (God) on footwear that
treads on mud, dirt and many other things.

We hope that this Petition goes far and
is heard by the inconsiderate 'suits' that made this product.

So, hopefully u guys can joined
to sign the dis web

" As a MUSLIM, maybe u can distribute something 2 d religion! "

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  1. kapir laknat yg buduh!
    skang ni mcm2 owg kafir wat tok jatohkan islam..


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