Whats Happening Now?

By Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Salam and hey dear readers!

HAHA that photo is taken via the webcam of this lappy. its lively showing my current condition and yup, im writing this in a moving car haha what a super serious blogger! LOL

Well, I am actually on the way back to KL all the way from JB. its a business trip. oh Alhamdulillah i was just coming back from Bali, Indonesia which was awesome! sure will blog about it soon but how soon it is? LOL i couldn't promise ya guy hehehe 

A bit about whats happening now. i am busy juggling between my works, this blog and yeahhhhh my NEXT trip! hahaha yup people this 'kaki travel' will fly again on this coming 16th Oct to L*****. yeahooo damn excited over this splendid planning with my dear uni-babe and can't wait to share with ya also. wait ah!

We rocks the whole journey with his LinkinPark, MCR and blah blah blah at the highest volume! LOL ("=.=) hahaha thank gaaddd i don't mind at all! till then people :)


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