Look #134 - Double Layer

By Saturday, May 10, 2014 ,

Scarf from syanelle_couture / MONKI outer Kimono Cardigan / F21 Cardigan, Inner and Bag / Unbranded skirt / Mango Touch belt / Coach shoes

I have once worn that skirt in here, not really as impressive as this look. well, i guess a big credit should be given to that kimono cardigan though since without it, i looked plain and bored as claimed by Mr Hezly LOL. yup, you could also get the same one at MONKI store @Nu Sentral Mall, go now!

So, talking about double layer. i do always envy those people who layered their shirts up to three to four clothes yet still look fabulous and errr slim. its quite hard for me to pull it tho as i tend to end up looking bulky and err FATTY! hahaha so in order to enhance the curve, that belt insanely needs to be used either clenching the whole clothes or leaving the outer freely swinging like that. yup, i preferred the second option. :)

Obviously, this was taken during the opening of MONKI very 1st store in South East Asia which i was invited to the exclusive review party. check here for the full story. Oh practically i wear that cardigan but literally, i didn't buy it. hahaha got myself another outer which is a furryyyy jacket which is more more awesome. no worry will share it in here sooner or later.

Till then, thanks for visiting yar. :)

Photographed by HezlyTom


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